Sunday, November 15, 2015

The 1883 Ice Cream Stripe Dress

I first saw this stripe fabric and completely fell for it, and given my obsession with bustle era dresses it was destined to become something fabulous. And so was born my 1883 dress! 

I used Truly Victorian patterns for this outfit. The bodice is the 1883 Tail Bodice, with the shorter tail option. It took two tries to get it to fit properly, second time was because I re-read the directions and actually used the right measurements and pattern pieces. 

Progress picture


I still love the fit on this one, the way it hugs every curve on my corset makes me super happy. :) 
 The skirt is the Four Gore Underskirt, with the Asymmetrical Drape Add-On. As usual, I had to add a decent number of inches on the bottom to get it to be long enough (9 inches, not kidding).

It still needed the hem here, and I wore some additional petticoats for additional fluff.

For my first time with stripes I'm very pleased!
I still love the way the stripes worked out in the back. 
 Here is the final outfit as worn at Costume College! I am still totally in love with this dress... there are a few things I might change about it but I'm quite happy with it. I definitely need to learn to do my hair properly at some point in the near future- I think that's where my outfit is lacking.

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