Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Corset and Planning Next Summer

Costume College 2017 just wrapped up this past weekends I had intended to go out there, but due to some personal reasons I ended up cancelling my trip. It's been tough being at home watching all the beautiful pictures my friend have been posting, however, it's also renewed my creative side and I'm more excited than ever to remake my collection of clothing!

Over the past couple years (has it really been that long since I posted??) I've managed to lose the majority of the leftover baby weight from my second daughter and this has had the unfortunate side effect of making my current collection of historical clothing much too big for me in strange places. Naturally, this means I need to make more stuff, right? :)

First things come first though- I've always started with the undergarments as you can't have the proper silhouette for any period without starting from nothing. I did some research, held my breath, swiped my credit card, cried a little and waited patiently for my custom made corset! Michelle at Clockwork Faerie did an absolutely incredible job on it and I'm so beyond thrilled with the shape it gives me. If you're in the market for one definitely send her a message! Anyways I digress. This is the extant example that I decided I wanted a reproduction of:

Simple, clean lines, absolutely gorgeous shape and colors. We did go back and forth on colors a little bit and finally settled some some very close to the original. 

I kinda love it. A lot- and I can't wait to wear it all the time under the new dresses I'm planning!

Which brings me to the Great Plan. I do plan to attend Costume College 2018, and the theme is Dressing the Royals. If that isn't inspiration I don't know what is.... I've spent all weekend alternately looking at photos of this years college and on Pinterest planning for next years college. I have a small (okay, huge) stash of fabrics and have been bitten by a couple different bugs for varied eras. First up is the 1860s- one that has been an interest of mine since I was a wee one drooling at pictures in a library book. I'm nearly done with my set of hoops, made from a Truly Victorian pattern, and will be whipping up a few day dresses for the events at the forts around Casper later this month and into the fall and winter. I'd also like to start work on an 18th century wardrobe- some of those gowns in Outlander and absolutely stunning and I definitely want to try wearing them. And of course, Edwardian again... I keep falling for early 1900s dresses and I have no idea why. ;)

The big highlight at Costume College is the Saturday night Gala. There's a red carpet, dinner, dancing, lots of petting costumes... it's really the time to show off your skills! I had a dress all picked out to start work on and now I'm having second (and third and fourth) thought. I'll still be making it, but maybe something a little more over the top for the Gala? Time will tell!!
This one is my original idea... I have a light aqua taffeta that would be lovely!!

And then if course I tripped into Pinterest and found this one.... I might have to do both! 

That's all for now, I do hope to be doing more write ups over the coming months on what I'm up to with my time traveling...